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Field Journal Excerpts


I went to my spot in Linear Park. I felt euphoric, as if on a drug. I sat by the river and it soothed me, acknowledged and loved me, like the boy wouldn't. On the periphery of my vision, a man stood made from shadows. I invited him to come closer.

Walking back, I passed over the river and watched it roil through the railing. My vision sped up, my pulse, my breath, accelerating and pushing my life through me. I could feel the man behind me; his presence was comforting. The snow had turned to rain and was streaming down my cheeks. For a moment, everything was hyper real--colors, textures, sounds--and I thought, I've gone insane. I stood and watched my shadows (one, two, three are mine, number four behind me), and then went home.

January 25, 1994
Currier House
Williamstown, MA
Snow, very light with a pink sky
~10 degrees F
Sunrise 7:04AM
Sunset 4:50PM

We shall laugh, and institutions will curl up like burnt paper.

Assembled for Jacob Snyder