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Field Journal Excerpts

[sheep blind contour]
[sheep detail]

Wooly Creatures
January 16, 1994
Currier House
Williamstown, MA
Clear skies
~15 degrees F
Sunrise 7:10AM
Sunset 4:38PM

top: blind contour (from photo)

JD, Jerusha, Carl, and I were working in the garden. It was a clear fall day, the leaves were turning, but it was still warm out. We were all in shorts except Carl, who was decked out in pants and suspenders with a kerchief around his neck. We walked over to the barn, to say hello to the sheep. One was peeing. When finished, she came over to me and stuck her snout up to my camera as I snapped a photo. Her big glassy eyes looked like bugs.

bottom: detailed drawing (from photo)

I sat in my bed and looked out my window. I had a spectacular view of the other side of the building and the roof of the ballroom beneath me. I propped myself into the corner of the wall, sketch book balanced on my knees, and decided what to draw next (sheep). For my Winter Study course. Soon, Jose would knock, or call, or slide a story under my door, causing me to pause. Then I would sketch some more.

Assembled for Jacob Snyder