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I have two kitties, Ling (Lingy, the Ling, Ding-a-Ling, Fatty Boombalatty, Sumo, Buddha Kitty) and Anya (Anyanka, the Anya Kitty, Trouble-Maker, Hissy, Purr Monster / Fur Monster). Ling is Anya's mother, and was a street cat in San Francisco until a friend, Heather, found her at a Chinese apothecary's shop and decided to adopt her. At the time, she thought Ling was male. A day or so later, Ling blew up like a balloon and Heather and her boyfriend John soon realized Ling was female and pregnant. Ling had a litter of three kitties in February 2000, and one of those kitties was Anya.

Heather and John were nice enough to give Joe Kiniry and me Ling and Anya in May 2000 while we were living in Pasadena, CA, and I have been basking in the joys of kittydom ever since. Ling was a skinny waif when we first got her, but fattened up nicely and now has a tubby little belly that she loves to show us. Anya has become a long lanky ball of affection (she especially loves head rubs), but has her cranky side. Both cats eat their food out of their bowl with their paws, which is a sight to be seen.

The cats spent two years with Joe and me in the Netherlands, and fully integrated into European society after a long and upsetting plane trip from LA. They settled in quickly though, chattering in Dutch with the vogels and the upstairs neighbor Muts (a handsome black kat with a pronounced underbite) when he climbed up the pine tree outside.

They are now back with me in the US, as they could not travel with Joe to Ireland, and are happily relearning the joys of American living, such as the large spaces to roam, both inside and out.

The kitties are a big ball of lovely. See more pictures of them (and movies too!) here.

[skinny ling]

It's the Lingy.


The slightly cross-eyed Anya Kitty.