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Welcome to My Self

[me on a mountain]


This is my self-indulgent inner world section where I might some day put more information. But for now, some fun stats to tide you over:

Sun sign: Virgo (18-09)
Moon sign: Scorpio
Rising sign: Sagittarius
Birthday title: Internal Mystery
Meyers-Briggs leaning: INFJ
Enneagram Number: 4+(5)
Personality Type: Sensitive
Tarot Card: The Moon
Handedness: Right
Nickname: Bean

I wile away my days and nights in Pittsburgh, PA watching crows congregate outside my window and playing with my cats. Pittsburgh is a lovely city, not at all dirty or ugly. Imagine that!

I have also spent significant portions of my life in Nijmegen (the Netherlands), Los Angeles CA, Anderson SC, Asheville NC, Boston MA, Williamstown MA, Rochester NY, Syracuse NY, Albany NY, and Renovo PA.